Verona… a city of Romeo and Juliet

After living in Bolzano for a month, I started to explore Italy. It was a day trip with 4 friends to Verona. We knew each other because we studied in the same university and stayed in the same dormitory.

Verona is a city in northern Italy. The city is divided by Adige River. From the train station, we walked for a while before seeing Verona city gate.


After entering the gate, we were confused a little bit because we did not have a map and I did not prepare much. What I knew about Verona was it was a city of Romeo and Juliet. That’s all!

Well, finally we managed to get a map and started exploring the city. We first entered the Arena. It was enormous, but not much to see inside. It might be because I did not know much about history of Italy. So, I thought it was not worth the ticket price.


Then, we headed to Castelvecchio. I liked the red brick bridge named Scaliger Bridge; I liked both the bridge itself and the view from the bridge.


We went to Lamberti’s Tower to see the whole city from the top.


Then, it was time for a must-see place which would definitely be Juliet’s House. It was very crowded and everyone wanted to touch her right breast. They believe that touching her right breast will bring you good luck. And I managed myself to do so.

 Verona05 Verona06

And we did climb the steps at Castell San Pietro. Believe me, it was worth climbing. The view was so gorgeous. For me, it was much better than the view from Lamberti’s Tower. If you visit Verona, go there in the evening. You can enjoy sunset there!



Surprisingly, on that day while I explored the city, I saw couples having a pre-wedding photo shoot. Not only one, but three!!! Anyway, I can capture only one couple. I could get the feeling of romance in this city, but I did not know before that it was also a popular place for pre-wedding photo shoot!


We spent the whole day exploring Verona. Then, we took the train back to Bolzano in the evening. I would say it was a great trip. And I love Verona!

Have you ever been to Verona?  Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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