Vietnamese Noodle Restaurant on Phra Athit Road

Today I am going to recommend you Khun Daeng Vietnamese Restaurant, a Vietnamese Restaurant that is popular for people living in Bangkok.

This Vietnamese restaurant is located on Phra Athit Road, the road that runs parallel with Chao Phraya River in Bangkok’s old town.


I have heard about this restaurant so many times, but I just had a chance to try it last weekend. While walking on the road from Tha Phra Chan to Tha Phra Athit, I saw the restaurant that was full with people. I immediately knew that it was a restaurant that many people talked about.


The restaurant is not that big (2 floors) and there is no air conditioned room. My friend and I ordered the standard dishes: Vietnamese noodle (45 baht per bowl).

PhraAthitRestaurant03 PhraAthitRestaurant04

The food looked great and it was even better after the first bite. I am not surprised anymore why people always recommend this restaurant.

On that day, I see only local people eating there. Actually this restaurant is very close to Khao San Road, in a walking distance. I highly recommend this restaurant especially for tourists who visit Bangkok and stay at Khao San Road.

PS. the menu in English is available in front of the restaurant.


Update: April, 2015

Location:  On Phra Arthit Road, close to Chana Songkhram Alley.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 11.00-21.30

Price: less than 100 per person

Have you ever been to Khun Daeng Vietnamese Restaurant? Do you like it? Share you thought with me in the comment!

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