Vilnius… a lovely capital city of Lithuania

Vilnius is a capital city of Lithuania. It was one of the cities that I visited in my last trip during my study in Europe. At first my plan was to visit Riga because I wanted to see the Art Nouveau architecture there. Then, Tallinn was added to my itinerary because of the view from Toompea Hill. And, I thought… so why not Vilnius? Then, Vilnius was automatically added in my itinerary without any reasons.

From Riga, I took a bus to Vilnius. It was quite convenience to travel among these three capital cities in Baltic States. Several buses were available all day long. After arriving Vilnius, I walked from the bus terminal to the old town of the city to find the hostel.

I did not know much about this city and I did not plan to spend much time there. As expected, the old town was not big, so I started wandering around by foot. Luckily, while I explored around the city, I met an Italian guy, who was doing his internship there for few months, by chance and he volunteered to be my tour guide. We then walked around the city together.

I found out that there were several churches in this city. Along the way, I could feel that most of the buildings are in pastel colors, similarly to Tallinn and Riga, but Vilnius was less crowded than those two cities.

 Vilnius01 Vilnius02 Vilnius03 Vilnius04 Vilnius05

And the church that looked different from the others was St. Anne’s Church, a Roman Catholic Church. This church was built from 33 kinds of clay bricks; I was stunned by the façade of the church.

 Vilnius06 Vilnius07

If you visit this city, do not forget to make a wish at Stebuklas, a miracle tile in the Cathedral Square. It is believed that you have to step on the tile, turn around clockwise 3 times, jump up, and clap my hand to make your wish come true and I did so.


And do not forget to visit Užupis, the republic inside the republic, by walking cross Vilnia River. While walking on the bridge, you will see the statue of the mermaid, one of the Užupis symbols. Užupis also has its flag and constitution (in many languages).

 Vilnius09 Vilnius10 Vilnius11

All in all, Vilnius is a lovely city. If you plan to visit Tallinn or Riga, I would recommend you to visit Vilnius too!

Have you ever been to Vilnius? Do you like this city? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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