Wämöparken… it is not just a park

Wämöparken is a park that is not that far from the city center of Karlskrona. But, it is not just a park; fairs, festivals, and concerts were organized here. It was my favorite place during spring and summer in Karlskrona. It was one of the places that I chose to have a walk when I was tired with my thesis and wanted to clear my thoughts.

Well, I did not visit this park in winter during my stay, but I guessed the park was, of course, full with snow, and very corner would be white. Anyway, in summer it was another story.

I sometimes go there by bus. The bus dropped me near the entrance gate of the park. Well, sometimes on a sunny day, I decided to walk to the park because I liked the views of the Swedish houses along the river.


Some weekends there were flea market in the park. People came to sell stuffs. Sometimes, I saw many stalls dotted around the road before the entrance gate.


I usually walked a little bit further into the park to enjoy the well-maintained garden. On weekends it was a little bit crowded, but I loved seeing people sitting or enjoying sunshine.

Wamoparken03 Wamoparken04 Wamoparken05

Besides, there was a mini zoo inside the park where you could feed the animals. I always saw many parents took their kids to this zoo.


One big corner of the park was “vilses stig” area. I guessed it was an area where people could learn how to survive in the woods while being lost. Since everything was written in Swedish and my Swedish was not good enough to understand what they wrote, I did not learn anything much. Just walked around and had some exercise.


All in all, it was a lovely park. If you visit Karlskrona, I recommend you to visit this park. The park is open every day. You can check the events calendar here.

Have you ever been to Karlskrona? Have you ever been to Wämöparken during your visit? Do you like the park? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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