Wat Hua Lamphong… known for coffin donation

Wat Hua Lamphong or Hua Lamphong Temple is a Royal Buddhist temple located in Bangkok. This temple is not a popular attraction, but it is well-known for coffin donation.


From the gate, if you walk inside, you will see many one story buildings and cars. This area is for funeral.


If you turn right, you will see local people coming here to worship. There is an area that you can rent sacred object.


Next, you will see buffalos. You can make merit by feeding them.


If you walk a little bit, you will see the pavilions.


After that it will be a crowded area where people come to donate money for coffin.


You will see a line of red chairs. The visitors will sit on those chairs and tell the officers the amount of money that they want to donate.  For a coffin, it is 500 baht, but you can donate as you want to. It can be less or more than 500 baht.


Write your name down on the pink paper.


After donating money, you will get a pink paper and a certificate.


Next step is to pray and paste the pink paper on the coffin. While putting my paper on the coffin, I found out that there were many foreigners donating money here.

WatHuaLamPhong11 WatHuaLamPhong12

Next to this area is an area that looks similar to Chinese temple. Many local people come to pray here. We will pray and burn the certificate in the bowl here. Then, done!


If you want to just make a donation, you don’t have to walk pass the temple main gate. If you come by MRT, just keep walking to the intersection. You will see the donation building on your left.


Update: March, 2016

Location & How to get there: Rama 4 Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok. To go there, you can take the MRT, get off at Sam Yan Station, and take exit 1. You will then see the temple.

Entrance Fee: Free

Have you ever been to Wat Hua Lamphong? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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