Wat Pho… don’t forget to look around

Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in English is one of the well-known temples for foreigner because of its unique attraction.

When we entered the temple, we saw Chinese gate-keeping giants. My friend told me that all came from China as ballast when Thai and China had a lot of trade hundreds of years ago.


We wanted to see the huge reclining Buddha which is the main attraction of this temple first, so we visited Phra Vihara of the Reclining Buddha. In front of Phra Vihara, the bags were prepared for visitors because we were not allowed to wear the shoes inside. I think it is a good idea to let visitors keep their shoes in the bag and carry them along instead of leaving them on the shelf. With this way, theft cannot steal shoes anymore!


After entering Phra Vihara, we were amazed with the size of the reclining Buddha. While we walked to the feet of the Buddha which is the best spot to take the photos with the Buddha, we also were fascinated with the mural paintings.

 WatPho06 WatPho07 WatPho08 WatPho09 WatPho10

WatPho04 WatPho05

At the corridor of Phra Vihara, there are many bronze bowls where people could drop coin in. We believe that doing this brings good fortune. And all money would be used to maintain the temple.


Wat Pho is quite big in size. It does not have only one main attraction. If you come here, I would recommend you to spend some time to walk and look around.

WatPho15 WatPho16 WatPho17

The chedis (stupas) are also beautiful.

 WatPho12 WatPho13

The statues of Thai hermits in different exercise postures are also another interesting point.


Last but not least, try massage here. Wat Pho is well-known for Thai traditional massage and the price is also reasonable.


Update: January, 2014

How to get thereSanamchai Road, Phra Nakhon District. Near Wat Phra Kaew. There are several buses to Wat Pho, but, similar to go to Wat Phra Kaew, my preferred option is taking Chao Phraya Express Boat at Pier Tha Sathorn.. Then, Get off at Pier Tha Tien and take a short walk to the temple. To go to Pier Tha Sathorn, you just get off from skytrain (BTS) at Saphan Taksin and take the escalator down one level. You will see the pier.

Dress code: To enter the Phra Vihara, you have to dress appropriately. Anyway, at this temple, dressing gowns are prepared for visitors.

Admission fee: Free for Thais, 100 Baht for foreigner

Opening Hours: Everyday from 08:30 to 18:30

Have you ever been to Wat Pho or any other temples (wats) in Thailand?  Share your experience with me in the comments!


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