Watch a talk from Jon Jandai, if you feel your life is so hard

I am a fan of TED Talk. Recently I watched a TEDx talk video which was organized in ChiangMai, Thailand. It was a talk from Jon Jandai. Actually he is quite popular in Thailand, but I have not known him before.

Jon Jandai was born in a small village in northeastern Thailand. He came to Bangkok, a capital city of Thailand to study and work. During living in Bangkok, he felt his life was so hard and not fun at all. After working in Bangkok for 7 years, he decided to go back to his hometown and live an easier life. Currently he is living in ChiangMai. He found PunPun center in order to save the seed because seed is food and food is life. Now this center has become a learning center for people to find the easier ways to live their lives.

In this 15-minute talk, he shows us how easy life is. He shares us how he gets 4 basic needs in life house, clothing, medicine, and food. He emphasized that these 4 things should be affordable to everyone. For example, instead of working so hard for 30 years to get a house, it took him only 2 hours a day for only 3 months to build a house. And if he can do, everyone can do so, even a kid.

If you feel your life is so hard, I recommend you to watch a talk from Jon Jandai. I believe it would give you good points to think about. You can find more information at

Have you ever watch this talk before? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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