Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2015

April has just passed. I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok was last month. So, if you are thinking about visiting Bangkok in April, you can use it as a reference for your trip to prepare yourself.

As you may know, April is the hottest month in Thailand. For me, as a local who is familiar with the weather in Bangkok, I expected to not go out anywhere except the air-conditioned shopping complex.

Usually, on April, it is extremely hot. The temperature goes up to 35-40 degree Celsius. At home, if we do not turn on the air-conditioner, we are sweaty. Even if we do nothing, just sit and relax, we are still sweaty and sticky like we exercise. Many people have a shower 3 times a day. We try not to go outside during the day especially when the sun is most intense. You can expect to see woman office workers hold umbrellas in their hands when they go out to have lunch; they use them to protect the sunshine, not the rain.


For April 2015, same as every year, it was hot. But, surprisingly it was not hot every day. Because of the tropical storm, it rained several days and the temperature dropped to less than 30 degree Celsius on those days. So, some days were not so hot. Well, those days were still not so good to go out because of the rain.

I would say April is not a great month to wander around Bangkok. But if you decide to visit Bangkok in April, I would suggest you to prepare umbrella; you can use it to protect both the sunshine and the rain. Prepare light-weight clothing; even if it rains, it is not cold. Prepare drinking water with you; you will need it especially if you have to walk a lot on that day. Drinking water in Bangkok is incredibly cheap and you can find it in convenient stores and mom and pop shops around the town.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!

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