Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2017

This month is about to pass. This post is aimed to tell you the weather in Bangkok in April 2017. You can use it as a guide to prepare yourself, if you plan to visit Bangkok in April.

It is known by locals that April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand. Typically, it is extremely hot. Usually in this month the temperature rises up to 35-40 degrees Celsius in many days. I myself always try to stay in an air-conditioned building and not to go outside especially in the afternoon.

For April 2017, it was like I expected. It was soooo hot. I could sweat even if I did nothing. There were days that I got a message on Facebook warning that rain was in the forecast and stayed dry, but there was only a day that it was raining in the area that I live in (Bangkok). The sunshine was too strong for my sight and skin. I thought I was going to be burned alive.

If you plan to visit Bangkok in April, I recommend you to prepare sun protection products, hat, drinking water and so on. Besides, try to start your trip early in the morning because the sunshine is very strong in the afternoon and the temperature rises up to more than 35 degrees Celsius. Well, if you can choose, I would recommend you to avoid April. It is the worst month to visit Bangkok.

Enjoy wandering around Bangkok!

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