Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2017

Year 2017 is about to pass by. This blog post is about the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2017. I believe that this information will be useful for visitors who plan to visit Bangkok at the end of the year. It can be used as a reference to prepare stuffs before visiting the city.

As you may know, December is a cool season in Thailand. For me, it is the best month to wander around Bangkok because the weather is nice and the street is decorated beautifully every year.

For December 2017, in Bangkok, during the first two weeks of the month, it was not cold at all. Well, on the third week of the month, the weather was colder than I expected. The temperature suddenly dropped to less than 20 degrees celsius. It was like living in Europe! And then, on the fourth week of the month, it was raining heavily which made the temperature drop again. In some provinces in Thailand, the temperature dropped to less than 15 degrees celsius. Normally on December, there is no rain anymore.

All in all, December this year is colder than the years before. For me, it is a good month to visit Bangkok, even if it might be a bit cold for some days. Just put on sweater and enjoy the city. If you visit Bangkok during summer, it is more difficult to wander around. The heat makes you tired and dehydrated. And, Bangkok has a long period of summer season.

Happy traveling Bangkok!


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