Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2018

December is about to pass and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2018 was. Hopefully it helps anyone who plan to visit Bangkok in December in the years to come to prepare themselves and stuffs.

In Thailand, December is in a cool season. The weather is usually not too warm and not too cold. However, for some years, in Bangkok the temperature dropped to less than 20 degrees Celsius. For me, this month is a good month to visit the city and additionally you can expect to see the Christmas and New Year decorations on street.

For December 2018, it was not a cool season as expected. The temperature was more than 33 degrees Celsius for the whole month. And it was even worse because Bangkok’s air quality was in dangerous level. We were advised to wear face masks when going outside and not go running in the park. Hopefully, the government sector could handle it soon.

My recommendation for visitors who plan to visit Bangkok in December is to prepare a light jacket because usually it is a little bit cooler comparing to other months. Besides, for me, December is one of the good months to wander around Bangkok. So, if you would like to visit this city, but still do not have plan. December is a great choice.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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