Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in February, 2016

February has just passed and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand was in February 2016. In this blog, I have been reporting the weather in Bangkok for almost a year because I do believe that it will be useful for the readers who plan to visit Bangkok.

As you may know, February is the cool season in Thailand. Well, the cool season in Thailand is not that cold. Usually the temperature will be around 30 degree Celsius. Sometimes it might drop to 20-25 degree Celsius.


For February 2016, throughout the month the weather in Bangkok was not-so-hot. I went outside almost every weekend. There was something strange during the beginning of the month. Around February 7-9, the temperature dropped to less than 20 degree Celsius. Everyone worn a jacket. It was the second time of this year that we had this cold (the first time was in the last week of January). And I don’t think we will have this kind of weather in Bangkok anymore this year.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok during February, light-weight clothing is recommended to prepare. And you might prepare a jacket or two with you; you have a chance to use it.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!

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