Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2017

February has just passed. This blog post is aimed to tell you how the weather in Bangkok in February 2017 was. Hopefully it helps anyone who plan to visit Bangkok in February to prepare themselves and their stuffs.

As you may know, February is the last month of the cool season in Thailand and the temperature will start rising in March. Since February is about the end of cool season, I expect the temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius or less.

Unlike what I expected, February this year was very warm. In the beginning of the month, the weather was great especially in the second week of the month. The temperature was around 25 degrees Celsius or less. Then, the weather dramatically changed. After that  it was very warm. Actually for me, it was too warm to go outside.

If you plan to visit Bangkok on February, you might have to pack stuffs a little bit more and also check the weather forecast. Usually I recommend visitors to prepare lightweight clothing and a jacket as well. However, since this year was very warm, I do recommend you to also pack sunscreen lotion, hat, umbrella, and so on. Besides, always bring drinking water with you when going outside.


Enjoy wandering around Bangkok!


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