Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2018

February has just passed and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2018 was. Hopefully it helps anyone who plan to visit Bangkok in February to prepare themselves and stuffs. 

In Thailand, February is the last month of cool season and it will be warmer in early of March. So, my expectation is to have a comfortable weather. Not that warm, not that cold, and also no rain.

For February 2018, it was not cool anymore. Some days the weather was very warm and the temperature was high (more than 30 degrees Celsius). Going outside on those days made me more tired. Besides, what surprised me was it rained several days in February (Usually we have rain on May).

For a visitor who plan to visit Bangkok in February, you might have to pack stuffs such as an umbrella or a raincoat, a light jacket (some years it is a bit cold in February), and sunscreen (sunshine here is very strong). For the clothing, usually people here wear the same set of clothing. We don’t have sets of clothing according to season. So, I recommend you to prepare lightweight clothing.

Enjoy wandering around Bangkok!


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