Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January, 2016

January 2016, the first month of this year has just passed. I am writing this post in order to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2016 was. I hope it will be useful for anyone who is planning to visit Bangkok in January. You can use it as a reference to plan and pack your stuffs for the trip.

As you may know, January is the cool season in Thailand and the cool season is not that cold. Usually during cool season, we have about 20-25 degree Celsius and, of course, no snow. So, I expected to feel the winter breeze or the not-so-hot weather.


For January 2016, the weather in Bangkok varied a lot throughout the month. In the first few days of the month, it was very warm and I did not want to walk outside during the day. Then, it rained hard for few days. And on 24th of January, surprisingly in Bangkok the temperature dropped to less than 20 degree Celsius; it was about 15 degree Celsius in early morning and in the evening. Everyone started to wear a jacket. Well, this cold weather was not living with us for so long. On 28th of January, things were back to normal and we did not need a jacket anymore.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok during January, I still recommend you to prepare light-weight clothing. Well, it would be good to bring a jacket with you because it is a cool season in Thailand and it is possible that the temperature could drop to less than 25 degree Celsius.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!


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