Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2017

The first month of the year, January, has just passed. I am writing this post so as to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2017 was. I believe that this information is useful for visitors who plan to visit Bangkok in January; it can be used as a reference to both plan a trip and prepare stuffs.

January is in a cool season in Thailand. The cool season here is no snow. The temperature is usually about 20-25 degrees Celsius; not that hot and not that cold. Some locals go to Northern Thailand during weekend because it is cooler there.

For January 2017, the weather in Bangkok was not hot, but not cold. The temperature was higher than January in the years before. I did not feel cold; just only gentle breeze in the morning and light cold at night. No days that we had to wear jacket.

My recommendation for visitors who plan to visit Bangkok in January is to prepare light-weight clothing and also a jacket which will be useful in case that the temperature drops to less than 20 degrees Celsius like the years before.

As a local, I would say that January is one of the best time to visit Bangkok because it is cooler than other months and you have less chance to suffer with the heat. If you are thinking about when to visit Bangkok, January could be your choice.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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