Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2019

First month of the year is going to pass and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2019 was in order for you to use it as a reference when planning a trip to visit Bangkok in January in the later years.

As you may know, January is the cool season in Thailand. The cool season here is not that cold and no snow. In Bangkok, we usually have about 20-25 degree Celsius during the day and less at night. In Northern Thailand, it is cooler. For me, January is a perfect month to wander around Bangkok.

For January 2019, it is similar to the year before. The weather is getting cooler. The temperature is at 20-25 degree Celsius in the morning. However, again, we faced the air pollution problem and this year it is getting worse. The air pollution has reached hazardous levels and we see the mist for many days in a row. Many people limit outdoor activities and wear face mask when going outside. And now, face mark is out of stock. Even we order it from China or somewhere outside Thailand, we still have to wait for a longer time. So, I am not sure whether January is still the best month to wander around Bangkok.

If you happen to be in Bangkok on January, what you have to pack is light-weight clothing and sunscreen. A light jacket is nice to have because some years on January the temperature drops to less than 20.  Well, if you have a choice, you might choose to visit Bangkok around the end of the year such as November or December instead. Those months it is also not that hot in Bangkok and from statistics there was less pollution.

Happy traveling Bangkok!


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