Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in July 2015

Now is August. I am writing this post in order to tell you how the weather in Bangkok in July 2015 was. I believe it will be useful for you guys who are planning to visit Bangkok or Thailand on July in the future.

As you may know, July is in rainy season in Thailand. So, I expected the not-so-hot weather and the tropical rain.


In 2015, things went as I expected. It is not that hot like in April or May anymore and it is cooler than June. The weather was nice. And, it rained several days. Many times it rained at night. Sometimes it rained in the evening. Usually the rained was falling hard and it made me does not want to go outside. If it rained during rush hours, it made the traffic worse.

For me, July is much better to wander around in Bangkok than months before because it is not too hot to go outside. But, you might feel uncomfortable when raining. If you plan to travel here in July, I do recommend you to prepare umbrella or raincoat. You have much chance to use them. However, the temperature did not drop much; no need to prepare thick clothing.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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