Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in July 2016

July is about to pass and in this blog post, I am going to write you about how the weather in Bangkok in July 2016 was. I hope this information will be useful for anyone who is planning to visit Bangkok during July in the years to come. You can use it as a reference to prepare stuffs before the trip.

July is in rainy season in Thailand. Usually it rains quite often and the weather is not so hot like in April or May. 


In July 2016, it rained about 3-4 times a week. Well, it rained heavily. So, it was difficult to go outside when raining. I myself prefer to stay dry at home. Please be aware that in Bangkok if it rains during peak traffic period, the traffic usually becomes worse. Sometimes it took people more than 2 hours to drive back home from their office. Try to find something to do such as walking in the shopping malls or the parks nearby, instead of sitting in the taxi or public transport.

For me, July is not a bad period to wander around Bangkok because the weather is not so hot. However, you have to prepare yourself a little bit due to the heavy rain. Umbrella and raincoat are the things that should be with you all the time. Besides, having a flexible plan is a great thing. You might change your plan to the museums or the shopping malls on a rainy day.

Enjoy Traveling Bangkok!

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