Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2017

Today is the last day of this month, June 2017. I am writing this post in order to tell you how the weather in Bangkok is in this month. Hopefully it is useful for anyone who plans to visit Bangkok in June in the years to come.

June is still in rain season. So, what I expect is the rain and not-so-hot weather. And also the traffic jams and inconvenient commuting, especially if it rains in the morning or in the evening.

For June 2017, it is similar to the month before. The weather was not hot like in April and it rains almost everyday. However, there are days that was hot and the temperature goes up to more than 30 degrees Celsius. Well, the temperature drops when it rains.

If you plan to visit Bangkok in June, you might have to pack both raincoat and sunscreen. Raincoat or umbrella is needed when it rains. And, sunscreen is needed when it does not rain. Besides, a flexible plan is a must. You should have a plan for the rainy days. Bangkok has many interesting things to do. My recommendation is to go shopping in the malls, visiting museums, or doing indoor activities.

Happy traveling Bangkok!


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