Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2018

March 2018 is about to pass. This blog post aims to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2018 was in order for you to use it as a reference when planning a trip to visit Bangkok in March in the later years.

March is the first month of summer in Thailand. Normally, the temperature starts rising to more than 30 degrees Celsius. I usually try not to go outside in the afternoon in order to avoid sunshine and heat.

For March 2018, it was extremely hot. There were many days that the temperature went up to more than 30 degrees Celsius. When walking out of office during lunch time, I felt like I was going to be burned alive. Well, lucky us; each week it rained a day or two. So, the weather became a bit better after that. Usually April is the hottest month in Thailand and now I cannot imagine how the weather in Bangkok would be next month and how we could live in this city because now it was SUPER HOT.

My recommendation for visitors who plan to visit Bangkok in March is … You shall know that March and April are not good months to wander around Bangkok. The weather is usually too hot to go outside. Well, if you have to be here during this period, I recommend you to prepare drinking water with you all the time when going outside. Sunscreen, umbrella, hat, lightweight clothing must be packed. Besides, start your days here early in order to avoid sunshine in the afternoon.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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