Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2015

May has just passed and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok was in May 2015. You can use it as a reference, if you are planning to visit Bangkok, Thailand.

Usually, April is the hottest month in Thailand and May is the starting month of Rain season. After suffering with the heat for a month or more, it is good to see the rain. However, if it rains in the morning or in the evening, people are stuck in the traffic for hours.


This year, I do not see much rain in May 2015. The weather is still hot. Even if it is not extremely hot like in April, it is still hot. And I still try not to go outside during the day. Frankly, I got sick and dizzy in the heat and intense sunshine. In Bangkok, rain can be seen only in some areas and only in some days.

For me, May is still not a great month to explore Bangkok. However, if you plan to visit Bangkok in May, I do recommend you to prepare umbrella. It can be used to protect both the rain and the sunshine (Yes, do not be surprised; people in Bangkok use umbrellas to protect the sunshine too!). Also prepare drinking water with you when you go out. Wear light-weight clothing; the rain here makes you feel more comfortable, but never made you feel cold.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!

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