Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2019

Today is the last day of May 2019 and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2019 was. You can use it as a reference if you want to visit Bangkok in May.
If you have researched the weather of Thailand, you may already know that May is the first month of the rain season in Thailand. And The rain here typically falls hard and causes chaos and traffic jams especially if it rains during rush hours. However, we usually wait for the rain because we have suffered from the heat in summer for two months.

For May 2019, it is the same as in previous years, we waited for the rain. I think I can say that April 2019 is one of the hottest years ever and I cannot live without an air conditioner. On the second week of May, the rain finally comes and the weather gradually changed. Well, it rained only once or twice in a week for the whole month. The temperature was still up to 35 degrees Celcius when it did not rain.
What you have to pack if visiting Bangkok on May is, of course, an umbrella or a raincoat. You have a high chance to use it. Besides, my recommendation is to prepare a flexible itinerary; on a rainy day choose to visit indoor places and take rapid transportation systems instead of a taxi. Traffic usually jams when it rains.
Happy traveling Bangkok!


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