Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2016

November has just passed. I am writing this post in order to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2016 was. You can use it as a reference when packing stuffs for a trip, if you plan to visit Bangkok around the end of the year.

As you may know, November is in the cool season. For me, it is the best period of the year to explore Bangkok or Thailand because the weather is not too warm and not too cold. Usually the temperature is about 25 degree Celsius and some days it drops to 20 degree Celsius.


For November 2016, the weather in Bangkok was not cold and I could not say that we were in cool season. This year we still got rain in Bangkok on November and the temperature still reached an average temperature of 30 degree Celsius. However, in some provinces in northern Thailand, the temperature decreased to less than 20 degree Celsius and many people in Bangkok went there to enjoy the winter breeze.

If you plan to visit Bangkok on November, it might be a bit difficult to pack stuffs. The light-weight clothing, umbrella, and raincoat should be packed, while a jacket also should be prepared. The plan should be flexible. On a rainy day, I recommend you to visit either museums or shopping malls. The tropical rain is usually powerful.

Enjoy traveling Bangkok!

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