Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2017

November 2017 has just passed. And, I am now writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok was last month. This information will be useful for anyone who plans to visit Bangkok in November in the years to come. They can use it as a guide to prepare stuffs and plan a trip.

November is the first month of the cool season which is my favorite season in Thailand. Cool season here is not cold and not hot. And, no rain anymore. The weather is perfect to visit places in the city.

For November 2017, the weather was a little bit weird. In the beginning of the month it was cold; the temperature went down to 23-25 degree Celsius. And, I thought this year the cold came fast. But, actually it was last only 3-4 days. Then, the temperature came back to 30 degree Celsius. And on November 20-22, it was raining hard. Finally, around end of the month, the cold came back.

If you are thinking about visiting Bangkok, November is not a bad period. In fact, it is quite a good month because it is not too warm to visit outdoor places such as temples, markets, floating markets, and so on. Besides, you also have a chance to see Christmas decorations here which usually start around end of the month. About packing, light-weight clothing is recommended. Raincoat, umbrella, and sunscreen shall be packed too. Even if it is not warm, the wearing sunscreen is highly recommended when visiting Bangkok. 

Happy traveling Bangkok!


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