Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2017

October 2017 has just passed.  I am writing this post in order to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2017 was. You can use this information to guide you when planing a trip to visit Bangkok in October in the years to come.

October is the last month of rain season in Thailand and then it will be a cool season. In October, it should not rain much and around the end of the month, we should feel the breeze.

For October 2017, it was different. It rained a lot. Starting from the second week of October, it rained heavily for many days in a row. There was a night that it rained the whole night and in the next morning many areas in Bangkok were flooded. Well, in the afternoon, almost of the areas were back to normal. In the weeks later, we still have a lot of rain. And, a few days before end of month, we can feel the winter breeze.

As you know, rain causes traffic slowdown. During the rush hour, traffic in Bangkok always jams. With the rain, it become worse. You can expect to spend a lot more time on the road. So, for me, I try to use rapid transport system (BTS and MRT) as much as I can.

If you can choose the time to visit Bangkok, I would suggest to avoid October. However, if you happen to be in Bangkok during this month, you should prepare some stuffs to protect you from the rain such as umbrella (frankly, when it rain hard, many times umbrella does not help) and raincoat. Besides, flexible plan should be prepared. I recommend you to visit the outdoor places (temples, museums, and so on) especially the place that cannot be reached by BTS and MRT on the sunny days. For the rainy days, you might go shopping, see a movie, or have a massage. See this link for the detail.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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