Weather in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2018

October has just passed and now I am writing this post to tell you how the weather in Bangkok, Thailand in October 2018 was. Hopefully it helps anyone who plan to visit Bangkok in October to prepare themselves and stuffs. 

In Thailand October is the last month of rainy season. And, in the next four months will be a cool season. In Bangkok, usually it rains not so many days in a week. And in some years, we could feel the breeze around the end of October.

For October 2018, as expected, it did not rain often anymore. However, the temperature was still up to 30 degrees Celsius during the day. And around the end of the month, the temperature dropped to less than 25 degrees Celsius. We felt like cool season was coming. Well, it did not last long. On early of November, the temperature was back to more than 30 degrees Celsius.

If you plan to visit Bangkok in October, I still recommend you to pack either raincoat or umbrella with you. It rained at least 3 times a week during October in the years before. Well, no need to pack the winter clothing. The temperature usually higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

Happy traveling Bangkok!

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