What do Thai people eat?

Our typical meals usually consist of either rice or noodles. I sometimes eat bread, pizzas, or hamburgers, but not quite often. There are many kinds of rice and noodles. If you want to know the food that Thai usually eat, let’s get to know rice and noodles that are available all over Thailand.



In Thai, khao means rice. There are many types of rice. Streamed rice (or Khao Suay) is the one that you could easily find on street. Usually it will be served as the base. Sometimes we eat this kind of rice with tasty soups such as Tom Yum (sour soup), Green Curry, or Gaeng Som (Orange curry).

Another kind of rice is sticky rice (or Khao Nieow). You can find it all over Thailand especially in North-Eastern (Isan) provinces. We usually eat it with Som Tum (Thai style salad), grilled pork, or grilled chicken.

Boiled rice soup (or Khao Tom) is generally eaten in the morning. It is a popular breakfast dish that you can find on street food stalls.

Besides, there are many dishes that we used rice as a base such as fried rice (or Khao Phat), Hainanese chicken rice (Khao Mun Kai), Thai red pork on rice (Khao Moo Daeng).


Same as rice, we have several types of noodles. Small noodles, big noodles, and egg noodles are usually found on streets. Some stalls or restaurants also have glass noodles which are made from mung beans. You can choose to eat them with soup or without soup (dried noodle). There are also many types of soups such as clear soup, Tom Yum soup, Yentafo soup, and so on. Besides, there are stir-fried noodles dishes such as Phad Thai and Phad See Ew.

Another popular noodles dish is Khanom chin. This type of noodles usually is eaten with Thai curries.

Hope this post gives you an idea the food that Thai usually eat.

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