What I like and what I don’t like in Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus is a supermarket chain that sells products that are used in daily life in a budget price, and you can find it all over Bangkok. There are things I like and I do not like that I want to share you. I hope it is useful for a new comer to Bangkok.


What I like in Tesco Lotus

It has a store near my home, and I can buy many things I want in Tesco Lotus. Tesco Lotus has a wide range of products covering food, confectionery, health and beauty, household products, stationery, clothing, toys, sport equipment, pet food and accessories, electrical products and accessories, and so on. Besides, I like how they put products to the shelves; it is easy for me to find what I want.

What I do not like in Tesco Lotus

I do not like fresh foods in Tesco Lotus. Why? Because many times they are not really ‘fresh’. I try not to buy meats, fruits and vegetables in Tesco Lotus. The market out there is much better and cheaper.

Besides, I do not like misleading packaging products. There are hundreds of Tesco Lotus products that their packages look very similar to the brand name one. So, if you are going to buy products at Tesco Lotus, I warn you to look carefully in order to get what you really want (The same products are always put in the same shelves, and Tesco Lotus products are always cheaper). Look at the photos below; the products on the left are Tesco Lotus products, and the products on the right are the brand name ones.

TescoLotus02 TescoLotus03

I have experience shopping in Tesco Lotus for years, and I always look carefully on the packaging. So, they cannot fool me!

Have you ever bought products in Tesco Lotus? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comment!

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