What to buy in Platinum Mall, Bangkok

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a popular shopping places for both locals and tourists. It is well known for trendy clothings and accessories. You can buy them either wholesale or retail.

I have written about this shopping mall 5 posts. The first two posts are about the mall itself and the other 3 posts are comparing it with other shopping malls in Bangkok.

Today, I’m going to recommend you what to buy in The Platinum Fashion Mall or the must-buy items that you should not miss out.

1. Women fashion clothes

Platinum always offers trendy clothings. That’s why many Thai women visit this shopping place from time to time. Even there are many markets around the city, they choose visiting this market when they need new clothings. You can find varieties of clothing styles such as arty, chic, classic, glamorous, and so on.

2. Men fashion clothes

Even if some said Platinum is for women, this shopping place has many shops selling only men clothes. You can find both formal and casual clothing styles here.

3. Bags

Women’s handbags, glamorous women’s night purses, backpack bags, jean bags, PVC bags can be found here. Some are made in Thailand, while some are made in countries around such as Hong Kong.

4. Shoes

Working shoes and flat shoes for women are types of shoes that can be found at almost every markets in Bangkok. But at Platinum, you will find a lot of them. Besides, sandal, casual, sport, leather shoes also can be found here. They have booth shoes as well, even if Bangkok has never had snow!

5. Hats

They also sells many hat styles. If you are a hat lover, don’t forget to check it out.

6. Accessories

Platinum also has a floor dedicated for accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves including hair accessories. Buy the ones that match your style. 

7. Children Wear

Platinum also has things for kids such as girl dress, cute clothes, cute shoes, and so on.


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