What to do in Bangkok during Christmas

Christmas is a week-long holiday for many countries around the world, but not in Thailand. December 25 is not a public holiday in Thailand and we do go to work as usual. However, since Christmas is close to New Year’s Eve (December 31) and New Year (January 1) which are public holidays in Thailand, the school or company might have a party during this period.

We usually have 3-4 days off or a week at most on last week of December to first week of January. If you are going to visit Bangkok during Christmas and wonder what to do here, you have come to the right place. In this post I am going to share you the activities that you can enjoy during this festival.

See the Christmas decorations

Even if the majority of people living in Thailand is Buddhist, you can see Christmas decorations in Bangkok. And luckily, usually the weather is nice during December and January; not too warm and not too cold. Many people walk on the street with cameras in their hands. The best area to see the decorations is at Rachaprasong area. You can see Christmas decorations in year 2015 here.


Enjoy Shopping

Christmas and New Year are the periods that people give or exchange gifts to each other. Many stores offer discount to customers. So, if you love shopping, this is a great time to get what you want in a cheaper price. You can shop both in the shopping malls and in the markets. The shopping malls are open as usual, while some shops in the market might close during New Year (however, they are open during Christmas).

Do a dinner cruise

Do a dinner cruise along Chao Phraya River is a popular activity not only for tourists but also for Thais all year long. While cruising, you will see Bangkok’s riverside landmarks at night. And you can expect more light decorations during Christmas.

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