What to do in Bangkok in early morning

If you are about to visit Bangkok and have done some research about the city, you will see that most of the places that you want to visit are open around 10.00 especially the shopping malls. And if you wonder about the activities that you can do in Bangkok in early morning, this blog post might give you an idea.

Let me tell you first that Bangkok in the morning on weekdays and on weekends are totally different. On weekdays it is crowded especially in the business areas such as Silom, Asok, and so on. You can expect to see the traffic jams on the road since 7.00 am. And if you are going to take the rapid train (BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway), you will see many people are waiting in a long line for the train and on the train usually the seats are all taken; you will have a very little space to stand. But on weekends the cars disappear; the seats on the rapid train are available. It seems like people who live in Bangkok start the weekends after 10.00 am. So, my recommendation is to go somewhere near your accommodation on weekdays, and go wherever you want on weekends. Here are some activities you can do in Bangkok in early morning that I can think of.

Visit Famous Markets

Pratunam Market is open daily from 05.00-21.00, but early morning is recommended for wholesale shopping. If you want to go shopping in the morning, I recommend this market. Another market that is worth visiting is Pak Klong Talad Market, the biggest fresh flower market in Bangkok. This market is open 24 hours a day, but it is livelier at night and early morning.

PakKlong02 PakKlong06

Visit local market near your place

Visit local market near your place to see what local people do in the morning. Many markets have stalls selling local food. You can have breakfast there and walk around the market.

Give alms to monks

Giving alms to monks is a Buddhist activity that we do in the morning. You can ask people at your accommodation for the nearest place that monks will walk pass and join local people if you want to.

Go to the park

The parks in Bangkok are lively in the morning and in the evening. Bangkok is too hot to go to the park in the afternoon. You will see many people go exercising at the park; you can also do so. Usually there are food stalls near the park. So, after exercising you can have local breakfast there.

LumpiniPark08 LumpiniPark02


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