What to eat in Terminal21

Terminal21 is a shopping mall located in Asok area, one of the Bangkok business areas. I myself like this shopping mall because it is near my home, is a great place for shopping, and, the most important, has good and cheap food.


The cheap and delicious food can be found at its food court. Here are the posts I wrote about the food court at this shopping mall: Food court at Terminal21… The best food court in Bangkok and How cheap the food at food court at Terminal21 is. If you want to eat cheap, try this food court. It is even cheaper than eating at street food stalls.


But if you want to eat at the restaurants, this shopping mall also has many great restaurants for you.

If you like Shabu or Japanese Sukiyaki, try Mo-Mo-Paradise. I ate at this restaurant once, the meat and vegetables were fresh, but for me it was a bit expensive.


There are also other Japanese restaurant chains such as Ootoya, Fuji, and Hachiban Ramen.

 Terminal35 Terminal36

For the one who wants to eat Thai food or Asian food, you can try The Terrace and Secret Recipe. At Secret Recipe, cake and bakery are delicious.


For the one who wants to eat Thai Isan food (northeastern Thai food), I do recommend you SanSab Restaurant. You can read my review of this restaurant here.


If you want to eat steak at a cheap price, try Jeffer.


Pepper lunch also serves steak. The special thing is most of the food here is served on a hot metal plate. I like it a lot!


There are still many more restaurants in this shopping mall such as Bar-B-Q Plaza, Joom Zap Hut, MK Restaurant, Piri-Piri, and so on.


So, if you have no idea about what to eat, you can visit this shopping mall.

Have you ever been to Terminal21? Have you ever eaten in these restaurants? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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