Where to buy cosmetics and beauty products in Bangkok

I do believe that one of the things to buy for women and girls while traveling abroad is beauty products and make-up. Well, finding information about this for city like Bangkok might be a bit difficult because it is mostly written in Thai language. In this post, I aim to recommend you where to buy cosmetics and beauty products in Bangkok.

Bangkok offers variety of beauty products ranging from handmade products to imported products. There are so many choices to choose from and the list below is the stores that you can easily find around the city.

1. Watsons Personal Care Stores

Watsons is a health care and beauty care chain store in Asia. So if you are from other countries in Asia, I do believe that you know this store. Watsons has its headquarter in Hong Kong. I have seen it, when I have been to Hong Kong. At that time, I did not spend much time at Watsons in Hong Kong because I felt like the beauty products in other stores were cheaper. However, Watsons is my favorite store when I am in Bangkok. It might be the most favorite store for Thai women. The products in Watsons in Bangkok are cheaper than other stores and Watsons always offers a good promotion such as buy second piece at 1 baht.

For the branches, Watsons has more than 400 branches in Thailand and you can expect to find these products in Watsons.
– skincare products for facial, body, hand, and nail.
– health care prodcuts such as Food supplement and vitamins
– cosmetics such as mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush on, lips color, lips balm, and so on.
– personal care such as shampoo, bath and shower, scrub, hand wash, and so on.

2. Boots

Boots is a British pharmacy chain store. It offers similar types of product to Watsons, but Boots has less selection and a bit higher price. However, there are many women like Boots more because it has high quality brands and services. And their promotions are also good. For the branches, Boots has less branches than Watsons. If you have want you want in your mind, my recommendation is to visit both stores and buy the one that offers a better price.

3. Tsuruha Drug Store

Tsuruha is a Japanese drug store. The product types selling here are similar to Watsons and Boots, but Tsuraha has less branches than those two stores. It has only about 20 branches in Thailand and most of them are in Bangkok. If you are a Japanese product lover, I recommend this store.

4. Beauty Buffet

Beauty Buffet is a cosmetic stores with slogan “The Most Delicious Beauty Shop in Town”. It offers a wide range of cosmetics product to customers to select the best one that suit them. Because of its price and package, Beauty Buffet is popular among teenage. Beauty buffet has about 60 branches in Bangkok.

Have you ever visited these stores? Do you like them? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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