Where to buy fresh fruits in Bangkok?

We all know the benefits of fruits and the fresh ones can be easily found in Bangkok. Many fruits you might have never seen before. So, if you are a fruit lover or you want to try it, here is the list of the places that you can get the fresh fruit in Bangkok.

In supermarket

Same as other countries, you can expect to buy fruits in supermarket. At Tesco Lotus and Big C Supercenter, you can find the best prices. At Gourmet Market, Tops Market, Villa Market, the prices are generally higher, but they offer more choices; a wide range of both fresh local and imported fruits can be found here.

Fruit stalls in market

Markets are at every corner in Bangkok. In some areas, there are more than one markets. You can expect to find fruit stalls in the market. With the same quality as in the supermarkets, the prices of the fresh fruits here are usually lower. So, I do recommend you to find the markets in the area that you stay and buy fruits there.

From a street cart

The street carts selling fruits are everywhere in Bangkok. If you are in Bangkok for a day or two, I am sure you will see at least one street cart. Usually the fruits from a street cart are ready-to-eat. The sellers prepare and put the fruits in a plastic bag. It is very convenient; I often buy it to eat in the afternoon at office. My recommendation is to choose the ones that look clean.

From a truck

You can also buy fruits from truck as a photo below. These trucks running around Bangkok with no schedule. On the truck, there is a microphone and the sellers will use it to announce when they arrive. And the customer will come to buy their products.

In short, to get fresh fruits in Bangkok is very easy. And to get the cheap ones is to buy it outside the supermarkets. For a fruit lovers, do not miss Or Tor Kor Market. This market is big, clean, and well known for the food quality. You can reach the market by MRT Subway.

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