Where to buy snacks in Bangkok

Many people love eating snacks and many of them love trying snacks in a country that they are visiting. I am one of them. And for me, if it is yummy, I will buy it back home to eat later and also to give it to my friends. In this post, I will share you places where you can buy snacks in Bangkok.


Like many cities in the world, you can buy snacks in supermarket in Bangkok. If you go to the luxury one like Gourmet Market and Tops, you can expect to see both local and imported snacks. They also have a zone selling OTOP products. OTOP stands for One Tambon One Product and Tambon means Village. Typically these products come with neat packaging which is good to give as souvenirs from Thailand.

Tesco Lotus and Big C are budget supermarket chains that you can find snacks too.

Convenience Stores

The biggest convenience store chain in Bangkok and also Thailand is 7-Eleven. In Bangkok, you can easily find 7-Eleven in a walking distance and in many areas there are more than one branches.

If you do not have time or do not have a chance to visit a supermarket, you can buy snacks from convenience stores.

Other convenience store chains that you might see in Bangkok are FamilyMart and 108shop.

Mom and Pop shop

Another place that you can buy snacks is mom-and-pop shops. If you happen to see it near your hotel, try checking it.


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