Where to buy Thai SIM card in Bangkok

Nowadays we have to admit that we need the internet more than before. So, SIM card is the thing that we need to buy right away when arriving the destination. For tourists who plan to visit Bangkok or Thailand, you might want to buy prepaid SIM card or SIM card with 3g data, but you have no idea about Thai mobile operators and places to buy it. This blog post is for you! In this blog post, I will tell you about the mobile operator in Thailand, places to buy SIM card, and the document required when buying a SIM card.

Which Thai mobile operator is the best?

In Thailand, there are 3 main Thai mobile operators: AIS (1 -2 call), Dtac, and Truemove H. All operators have packages for travelers, and each operator has more than one package for travelers. It is difficult to say which operator is the best one. I would recommend you to choose the one that best suits your need.

  • AIS (1-2 Call) is well-known for the coverage. So, if you plan to travel not only in Bangkok but also islands and beaches far away, I recommend this one.
  • Truemove H is good and fast in the big city like Bangkok with the competitive price. I myself use Truemove H and live my life in Bangkok; I have been using this operator more than 10 years. So, if your plan is to travel only in Bangkok, I recommend this one.
  • Dtac is, for me, somewhere in between AIS and Truemove H. Decent coverage and internet speed with competitive price.

To see their packages, click the link above.

Where you can buy Prepaid or Data/ 3g SIM card in Bangkok?

It is easy to get SIM card in Bangkok. Here is the list of the places you can get it.

  • All 3 main operators could be found at Suvarnabhumi AirportDonmuang Airport, and other main airport in Thailand.
  • If you cannot get SIM card at the airport, no worries. You can find SIM card at 7-11 store nationwide. However, please note that recently there is no AIS SIM card available at 7-11 stores.
  • Mobile retailer shops nationwide. You can easily found them in the shopping malls.

What you have to provide when buying a SIM card

In Thailand, all SIM card need to be registered in order to identify ownership and prevent using mobile phone for illegal purposes. So, what you need to provide when buying a SIM card is your passport. No worries about the steps to register. The officers at the shop will register for you. 


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