Where to eat Sukiyaki or hot pot in Bangkok

Thai food is well-known elsewhere in the world. Many people visit Bangkok and enjoy eating tasty foods from the street food stalls to luxury restaurants. Sukiyaki or hot pot is always one of the popular kinds of restaurants for local. Recently I have seen more and more Shabu Shabu style restaurants in Bangkok. So, today I would like to share you what Sukiyaki or hot pot is, and where you can eat it in Bangkok.

What are Sukiyaki/ hot pot/ steamboat/Shabu Shabu?

Sukiyaki/ hot pot/ steamboat/ Shabu Shabu has similar concept with different names in different countries. It refers to a meal that has a metal pot with soup inside in the middle of the table, and the pot keeps simmering while we are putting vegetables and meats in the pot. When the ingredients we put are cooked, we take them out and eat them with a dipping sauce. This kind of meal is popular in Thailand and also other Asian countries.


Thai Sukiyaki restaurant chains in Bangkok

In Bangkok, you can easily find Thai Sukiyaki restaurant chains because most of them are located in the shopping malls. The chain that has many branches is MK. MK has two types of restaurants: standard and MK Gold. MK Gold provides better quality with more expensive price and can be found at Siam Paragon and Central World. You can see my review of MK restaurant here.

Another chain that has few branches is Coca. I like its ingredients, but it is quite expensive. And, the cheap and delicious chain is Texas Suki, but has fewer branches; you can find it at Yaowarat or Chinatown.

Thai Sukiyaki independent restaurant in Bangkok

Thai Sukiyaki independent restaurants can be found all over Bangkok. My favorite one is Kwangjow Suki. This restaurant serves Sukiyaki and Chinese foods which is delicious and not expensive. The restaurant is located on the main road at Sukhumvit Soi 60/2. You can come to the restaurant by BTS (getting off at Bang Chak station).

Have you ever eaten Sukiyaki or hot pot in Bangkok? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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