Where to travel in Thailand?

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia which is bordered by Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Gulf of Thailand, and Andaman Sea. This country is divided into 6 regions (north, east, north east, west, central, and south) and 77 provinces.

If you ask me where to travel in Thailand, it would say it depends on your traveling lifestyle. Thailand has so many places that are worth visiting. Anyway, if you’re travelling to Thailand for the first time, here is my recommendation.


Go to the capical city

Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand. This city offers you culture and historical sites. You will have a chance to see beautiful palaces and temples here. Wat Phra Kaew and The Grand Palace are highly recommended places. And if you love the historical sites, Ayuthaya and Sukhothai are your choices.

Besides, Bangkok is a paradise for shoppers. There are tons of shopping malls and markets all over the town. If you love shopping and bargain, Chatuchak weekend market is a must visit place.

Hit the beaches

Pattaya and Hua Hin are beach resort towns which are not too far from Bangkok. But if you want to do diving or snorkeling, I recommend you go further south; many beautiful islands along both Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, and white sand beaches are waiting for you. Phuket and Krabi are the popular provinces in southern Thailand. Many tourists love Koh Tao, but I do love Koh Nang Yuan more. Do some research and choose the one that matches your taste. The guideline to help you choose the island can be found here.

Explore the north

If you love mountains, I recommend you to go to the north. The most popular province is Chiang Mai. Many Thai love going to the northern mountains during cool season (November to February) because for some years, the temperature dropped to less than 10 degree Celsius. This kind of cool weather is really difficult to find in other areas in Thailand. In Bangkok, during this time the average temperature is around 20-25 degree Celsius.  

Besides, northern provinces has unique culture (Lanna). Some parts of this region are home to hill tribes who speak indigenous languages.

Hope this information helps

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