Where to watch movies in cheap in Bangkok

As you may know, you can easily find cinemas all over Bangkok. Just go to the shopping malls all over Bangkok, and then go up to the top floor. Most of the cinemas in the malls are operated by either Major Cineplex or SF Cinema. It is very convenient to go to their cinemas, but many local complain that the movie ticket prices of theses two chains are high and keep increasing.

Nowadays the movie ticket price for those two major chains generally starts around 200 baht per seat and can up to around 1,000 baht (or more) depending on the movie, cinema system type, the seat type, the show time, and so on. The special ticket prices are always offered but with so many restrictions. Besides, you are not allowed to bring drinks and food from outside to these cinemas, and the drinks and popcorn prices selling in front of these cinemas are also overrated.

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So, some people still choose to watch movies at these 2 cinemas: Scala, and Lido. Both of them are operated by Apex Group and  are located in Siam Square Area, central Bangkok. These two cinemas offer incredibly cheap ticket price, which is 100 baht per seat, for most of the seat. Besides, you are allowed to bring drinks and food from outside to these cinemas; the foods in front of these cinemas are sold in reasonable price. The other thing that people love Apex Group cinemas is because they can watch not mainstream movies here. You check the movie show time for Apex Group cinemas here.

Have you ever watched movies in Bangkok? Have you ever tried Apex Group cinemas? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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