White Flower Factory – Review

Today I am going to recommend you one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Bangkok. If you are finding the place to eat Thai food, this restaurant is highly recommended.

The restaurant is named White Flower Factory or Krua Dok Mai Kao (ครัวดอกไม้ขาว) in Thai. This restaurant is famous for Thai food and also cake. Well, since it is popular among local,  You might have to wait in line to get in. So, if you plan to eat here, I recommend you to come early. There were two times that I had to wait for 30 minutes. 🙁

This is the photo in front of the restaurant. Because of the hot weather, most customers prefer to sit inside.

After stepping inside, you will see a cake display refrigerator with the “Take Away Order Here” sign. Yes, many local love the desserts here and come to the restaurant to order the cakes back home.

I love how they decorate the restaurant. I do not know what the theme is, but I felt cozy when I was there.

Let’s talk about the food. White Flower Factory offers both European and Thai food. Honestly, I have never tried European food here. Well, Thai food here is fabulous! I have been here several times and I love every dishes I ordered. They all tasted good.

This time, the first dish I ordered was curry with roast duck.

And then, spicy stir-fried seafood.

And the last one was Crispy Shrimp Cake which was a recommended dish. I love this dish the most and order it almost every time I go to this restaurant.

Let’s talk about the cake. Like I told you, many local including me love the cake here. For me, the ones I tried were nice and not too sweet.

This time, I ordered red velvet. Just to give it a try and I love it!

And the other two that I ordered were the recommended menu: Thai Tea Crepe and Coconut Cake. As you may know, Thai Tea is a must-try beverage that you can easily find in Bangkok. Why don’t you try the Thai Tea Crepe here? For the coconut cake here, it makes from the very fresh coconut. So, if you visit this restaurant for the first time, I do recommend these two desserts. 

Update: July, 2017

Location:  currently there are 2 branches: Bamrung Mueang, and Siam Square One. I do recommend the second branch because it can be reached by BTS. You can see the restaurant from the BTS at Siam Station. The photos in this blog post were taken at Siam Square One.

Website: http://whiteflowerfactory.com/

Price: 300-500 baht per person depending on what you order

Have you ever been to White Flower Factory (Krua Dok Mai Kao) ? Or have you ever tried Thai foods? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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