Wholesale markets in Bangkok

There are many malls and markets in Bangkok. If you are running a business and want to buy products in bulk and want to get cheap prices in order to resell them, you have come to the right place. In this post, I would recommend you the markets that you can buy wholesale goods in Bangkok.

BoBae Tower or BoBae Market: this place is well-known for garment wholesale. Many small shops in other markets in Bangkok buy clothes in cheaper prices here and resell them. Check its website for the details such as products, promotions, and interactive shop directory.

Pratunam Market: This market is well-known for fashion clothes and accessories in Bangkok. The shops sell both retail and wholesale. If you want to buy wholesale items, I recommend you to go to the market very early in the morning. You can read a review of this market here.


Chatuchak Weekend Market: This market sells everything that you could ever want. It is the biggest outdoor markets in Thailand and one of the popular Bangkok’s attractions. To wander around in this market, believe me, you need a map. It seems like the shops sell retail goods, but many shops wholesale their products too. So, if you want to buy in bulk in cheaper prices, you just ask the sellers. You can see my review of this market here.

Sampeng Market: This market sells various kinds of wholesale products ranging from clothing and accessories to school supplies. Similar to Pratunam Market, if you want to buy wholesale items, you should go very early in the morning. You can see my review of this market here.

Pahurat: This market is well-known for fabric. You can expect to buy sewing equipment such as buttons, threads, zips, needles, and so on. The market is open Mondays to Saturdays around 9.00-16.00

SueaPa Plaza: This market sells mobile phone accessories. You can expect to buy covers, cases, headsets, chargers, and so on in bulk here. My review of this market can be found here.

*** The last three markets (Sampeng Market, Pahurat, and SueaPa Plaza) are not far from each other. If you want to visit them all, you can make it in a day ***

*** At these markets, it is usually be crowded, so you should be aware of pickpockets while walking there. ***

Have you ever been to these markets? Do you like them? How was your experience? Share them with me in the comment!


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