Why do I love Melbourne?

In Australia, I traveled to only 3 cities which are Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. I spent 2 months in Brisbane, 1 month in Sydney, and only 1 week in Melbourne. And, I regretted because Melbourne turned out to be my favorite city among them. Here are just a few of the reasons why I fall in love this charming city.

Free city circle tram

The free city circle tram is available in Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District). It passes major tourist attraction and also links with other form of transportations in Melbourne such as bus and train.

In Bangkok, we do not have this kind of transportation, so I was quite excited when seeing trams running on their tracks along the street. While I took photo of the tram, the driver was so kind; he allowed me to pose as a driver and took photos for me.


The State Library of Victoria

The lawn in front of this library is a gathering area for people here. I could not remember the reason that made me decide to walk into this library. I was stunned when seeing the elegant reading room. It was so beautiful, and if I lived in Melbourne, I would go to this library very often for sure.


Art in the city

I stumbled upon many public arts while walking in Melbourne’s CBD. The first one was the three guys which I realized later that its official name was “Three Businessmen Who Brought Their Own Lunch: Batman, Swanston and Hoddle”. Then, the second one was the “Public Purse”, the oversized purse lying on the street. And another one was “Architectural Fragment” “in front of the state library of Victoria. These public arts made the city more charming and attractive.


Art in the garden

Not only in the city, but the public arts also could be found in the garden. This fairies tree is located in Fitzroy Gardens, the garden that I recommend you to visit for at least a couple of hour. In this park there are other cute things that are worth visiting.


Art on the waterfront

It seems like public arts are everywhere in Melbourne. These were the ones I found while exploring Melbourne’s Docklands. Love them all!


Have you ever been to Melbourne? Do you like it there? What do you like in Melbourne? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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