Why I hate walking in Bangkok

I love walking. I really do. I always choose walking instead of taking a bus, if the place that I want to go is in a walking distance. I walked a lot, while I was living abroad. Walking is one of the best exercises for me. When I come back to Thailand, I still walk. But, I really hate walking in Bangkok!

I will use the photos below to show you why I hate walking in Bangkok. First of all, many places have no proper footpath. The white line is used to separate the path for pedestrian and the path for driver. And, the path for pedestrian is very small; it is not enough for two people to walk in opposite directions.


And, the space for pedestrian would be smaller when people do something like this. Besides, I many times see people parking their motorcycles on the sidewalk.


On streets that we have proper footpath, the motorcycles will use it as their lanes. Walking on the footpath with motorcycles is something that you can easily see in Bangkok. And, if I walk slowly or block the drivers’ ways, they honk the horns!


Sometimes, while walking on streets, you will see this kind of footpath. Sigh… how could many women wear high heels here?


Many times when I want to cross a road, I cannot find a crosswalk.


Moreover, nowadays people in Bangkok tend to use bicycle more and more. On some parts of Sukhumvit Road, the white line is put on the footpath to separate some areas for bikers. I personally don’t think it is a good idea because there is no place for walking anymore!


And instead of bicycles, I saw many motorcycles using the lane.


Have you ever walked on a street in Bangkok? Have you ever faced something like this on a street? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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