Yak… a Thai animated movie

Yak: The Giant King is a Thai animated movie about 2 robots that are joined together by a chain. One is a big green, while another one is a small pink. The movie is based on Ramakien, A Thai version of the Ramayana which is a well-known traditional Buddhist story.

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I wanted to see this movie because of two reasons. The first reason is I have heard that it takes several years to produce this movie, and I have not seen Thai animated movie for so long (the latest one was Khan Kluay in 2006, an animated film about a baby elephant who become the war elephant for King Naresuan). The second reason is this movie is directed by Prapas Cholsaranont, one of my favorite Thai writers. Actually, he is not just a writer, but he is also a thinker and a composer.

Well, the movie is not as good as I expected. In the beginning of the movie, the animation is not that good, but it is also not that bad. In the middle of the movie, it is quite boring, and I felt sleepy. But surprisingly, it is so great in the end!

All in all, the movie is not as good as animated movies by Disney, but I do love the storyline and the character’s robots. It is a good one, and I hope to see more Thai animated movie!

Here is the movie trailer in English version. Enjoy watching!

Have you ever watched Yak: The Giant King? Do you like it? Share your experience with me in the comment!

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