Yehliu Geopark… on a rainy day

I have been to Taiwan in December 2010 for 10 days. It was winter time there. Three days before I left Bangkok, my friend, who studied in Taipai, sent me captured photos of the weather forecast.


Umm… it seemed like I was unlucky. Anyway, I already booked a flight ticket and also hostels, so I would go there for sure. Actually until now I still do not know the best time to visit Taiwan. I heard that December is the month that has less chance of rain, but, if I do not remember wrong, it rained more than 5 days during my visit. At that time I felt like I went there during rainy season.

The worst day was the day that I went to Yehliu Geopark, the gorgeous rock park in Wanli, New Taipei city in northern Taiwan. It started raining lightly when I got on the bus. The more I was getting closer to Yehliu, the more it rained. How unlucky I was!

Finally I was there, but it rained so hard that I could not get around. I had to wait in the building and it seemed like it was going to rain all day long. So, when it did not rain much, I wore the raincoat and started wandering around.

 Yehliu02 Yehliu03

The amazing rock photos made me want to visit Yehliu, but I did not enjoy seeing the rocks much because of the rain and also the wind.

 Yehliu04 Yehliu05

The rock that I liked most was the Fairy’s Shoe rock. It really amazed me. I knew it was a natural process, but how could it happen?


It was not a good day and I did not spend much time in the park. Before leaving, I met one lady in the restroom. She was an officer of Yehliu. She saw me with wet hair, so she lent me a hair dryer. I was grateful and surprised that she has the hair dryer in her office. Umm… Maybe it was always rain there.

Have you ever traveled on a rainy days? Have you ever been to Yehliu Geopark? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!

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