Zaanse Schans… what a lovely village

Zaanse Schans is a village on the river banks near Amsterdam. This village is famous for the well-maintained historic windmills.

There are several ways to get in Zaanse Schans village from Amsterdam such as bus, car, train, or bicycle. My friends and I took the train from Amsterdam Central Station. Within less than 20 minutes, we arrived Koog-Zaandijk railway station. From the station, we walked around 10-15 minutes to the village. Before stepping into the village, I started seeing the windmills and the house along the river banks. Great views!


The village was not big, so we explored it by foot. We were welcomed by the green wooden houses, green bridges, and green fields when entering the village. The village was so cute, natural, and charming; it was a great place for photo shooting. In this village, there are many small museums. Anyway, the weather on that day was not so good; it was too windy.


You can enter the functioning windmills to see how they work. Entering the village is free, but you have to pay for entering the windmills and some museums. I was surprised that each windmill has its own name!


Besides the village itself, another thing that I like in this village is the wooden shoe shop. You can see a demonstration of how they make the clogs here. I love the decoration outside the shop. ZaanseSchans05 ZaanseSchans06

All in all, it was an enjoyable day outside Amsterdam, and it is one of the places in the Netherlands that I want to visit again and I want to go there in summer. If you visit Amsterdam, I would recommend you to include Zaanse Schans in your itinerary; you would not be disappointed.

Have you ever been to Zaanse Schans? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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